Duncan Campbell's 2021 Hit-Piece

Campbell's latest hit-piece, just like his 2018 hit-piece, has pushed conspiracy theories, distortions and false allegations (including some that are easy to demonstrate and others that both the author and editor should have known were false and misleading).

A detailed rebuttal to Campbell's latest nonsense is here.


Duncan Campbell's 2018 Hit-Piece

Duncan Campbell's 2018 hit-piece collapsed when his own theories fell apart and new evidence emerged corroborating the findings of those he had defamed. (An archive of older articles covering this is available here.)

Efforts to get Campbell and Computer Weekly to accept facts and evidence up to the end of 2020 is documented here.


Duncan Campbell's Campaign

Duncan Campbell has been caught pushing bogus rumors and false allegations multiple times going back to 2017. His published work has used a combination of disinformation, conspiracy theories, innuendo and straw-man attacks.

When it comes to the original topic of the dispute, Campbell's position is weaker than it was in 2018 (both in terms of his own theories falling apart and discoveries being made that corroborate the findings of those Campbell had defamed).

Campbell now seems desperate to portray my "Guccifer 2.0: Game Over" project as being anything other than an effort to catalogue evidence and to report on the many significant discoveries made through analysis of open source evidence in the public domain in pursuit of a better understanding of the Guccifer 2.0 operation.

All he can do is spin up narratives to suggest alternate cause and intent (eg. "helping Trump deny links to Russians", "fueling Seth Rich conspiracy theories", "supporting Russia", etc.) and try to shift the frame of the argument away from original dispute regarding the Guccifer 2.0 operation.